The Intelligent Software Defined Data Center Has Arrived.

The ICE® Platform is designed to maximize capacity utilization, control performance, and reduce TCO costs.

Designed to Enable the Next
Generation of Data Centers

What makes our platform so innovative is the powerful combination of intelligent software along with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. This breakthrough in efficient energy management lets you easily add equipment, control power for every node while improving reliability.

Meet the VPS ICE Console software

Created to help users get the most out of their IT environments while being simple to use.

Console Overview
Rack Detail

Meet the VPS ICE Hardware

Supplied by our third party partners ICE Certified and ICE compatible hardware offer a plug and play way to bring the benefits of elastic power to data centers. Designed as modular rack mountable shelves, ICE hardware’s innovative design enables racks to take advantage of the ICE Software Stack and realize the benefits of Software Defined Power. Best of all, it is designed to work with the IT equipment you already have or are planning to buy. No strings attached.

ICE Cache Block

ICE Hardware - Front View

ICE Power Block

ICE Hardware - Rear View

Benefits include


Dramatically increase utilization within the existing power and IT footprint while simplifying infrastructure management.


ICE automatically identifies new hardware and ensures power availability dramatically simplifying the complexity of adding or replacing servers, racks, pods or containers.


ICE puts peak load shaving and backup power directly in the rack, eliminating single points of failure at a fraction of the cost of legacy redundancy-centric solutions.

Fully Automated

ICE Intelligent Software manages ICE Hardware. It automatically discovers new hardware, monitors power behavior and learns your data center’s usage patterns in real-time.

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