How It Works

At the heart of Dynamic Power Management (DPM) product suite lies our patented Intelligent Control of Energy® (ICE) technology.

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Automate the Management of Your Power Infrastructure

Intelligent Control of Energy® (ICE) works seamlessly with compatible hardware to:

  • Abstract hardware into software-controllable elements.

  • Use policy-based orchestration to help the hardware make intelligent decisions.

  • Optimize how energy is used to unlock stranded power from your data center.

ICE software and hardware uses software-defined power (SDP) principles.

While we manufacture our own hardware, VPS is also in relationships with leading power vendors to produce ICE-compatible hardware at scale. This hardware augments your power infrastructure to respond in real-time to power profile changes based on policies it receives from ICE software.

ICE Software

How it works:

  • ICE software collects granular power consumption data from power devices and generates policies of behavior for ICE hardware to execute.

  • It uses heuristics and machine learning to analyze historical power consumption, predict power patterns, identify peak demand periods and ultimately optimize power availability at all times.

  • ICE understands customer SLAs and ensures that the policies comply with these SLAs at all times.

  • ICE-compatible hardware responds to state changes in the data center based on the rules within the policies. This enables uninterrupted and coordinated operation of devices, even if the software is not reachable due to network failure.

To ensure mission-critical and reliable behavior of DPM as a cohesive system, the software minimizes direct control of devices. Instead, it communicates with them using a set of policies that take into account a full spectrum of possible scenarios.

Control and flexibility highlights:

  • Hardware agnostic. ICE works with VPS-designed hardware, partner-built compatible hardware, and generic third party hardware.

  • Interoperable. All ICE functionality is exposed via REST APIs for integration with other data center orchestration and planning applications.

  • Customizable. Users can author their own business rules to influence and customize how ICE behaves.

Hardware Abstraction

ICE-compatible hardware incorporates the following software-defined power mechanisms.

  • Intelligent energy injection. These devices connect downstream of a UPS or PDU and protect the upstream device from overloading. They inject energy when load is high and recharge when the load is sufficiently low. VPS and CE+T Energy Solutions have both designed and built products for this purpose; ICE Stack and Sierra, respectively.

  • Intelligent phase balancing. This capability is unique to ICE Phase hardware built by VPS. Using double conversion, these devices automatically move power from one phase to another to keep them balanced with minimal efficiency losses 24x7 with no thermal issues. They connect between a PDU / RPP, and address phase imbalance in downstream loads.

  • Intelligent power switching. As the next step in the evolution of power switching, the ICE Switch from VPS is placed inline with the power feeds inside IT racks to unlock more power capacity from redundant infrastructure. Intelligent switching monitors feed availability and utilization, but ensures power to priority loads in case of failure. VPS manufactures the ICE Switch, and we are working with our partners to develop additional options.