Unleash Your Power

Dynamically redeploy your datacenter's power without compromising uptime or defaulting on your SLAs.

We Unlock Stranded Power Capacity in Data Centers

Up to 50% of power capacity in colocation data centers is wasted. The equipment redundancies and power buffers you need to ensure uptime are almost entirely unused. That underutilized capacity is a wasted opportunity when it could be leveraged for additional revenue or reduced costs.

Use your power to improve your bottom line with Intelligent Control of Energy ® (ICE) hardware and software from VPS.

Meet the Dynamic Power Management Product Suite

When you have precise control of your stack, new possibilities start to unfold.

Conduct the symphony of power allocation in your data center with Dynamic Power Management software. Mobilize idle resources and direct that power to aid servers burdened by contention or failure. Once you’ve reduced your need for excess buffer capacity, you can sell that headroom you’ve just created to new customers.

Creating New Opportunities for Digital Providers

Large or small, we help digital infrastructure providers make the most of their systems. By eliminating the need for building new data centers, providers enjoy $100M in cost avoidance.

The Journey to Autonomous Digital Infrastructure

Smarter infrastructure that uses power more effectively to benefit providers, their customers, and our environment.

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