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Brownfield TCO and ROI

In brownfield environments, Software Defined Power can enable our clients to recapture 20% to 40% of stranded power, expand capacity/increase rack density on the existing power infrastructure, increase DC resiliency by riding through short term power outages, and increase business agility with “power aware” workload orchestration integration – an industry first.

Greenfield TCO and ROI

If you are building a new data center, bring Virtual Power Systems in early enough to help you design the “data center of the future”, where the last pillar of the SDDC is virtualized – Power! In addition to saving CAPEX dollars on the initial power profile, Software Defined Power will be able to “slash demand charges” during the utility’s most expensive season/day/hour cycles, saving OPEX each and every month.
  1. ICE Demand Slasher is a modular addition to ICE Center that
    1. Monitors power consumption using the same billing model used by the utility.
    2. Constantly computes and identifies potential peak demand charge and leverages batteries to share the load with the utility – suppressing the demand seen by utility.
    3. Depending on the power profile, customers can see up to 30% or higher reduction in demand charges.
  2. How ICE Demand Slasher works
    1. Scalable system includes UL listed Energy Storage Devices featuring expandable battery modules connected to the power system.  Utility power reduction is managed during high demand periods and then the system replenishes energy during non-peak periods. 
    2. Using Machine Learning, the system matches the predicted power consumption against desired outcome to proactively apply battery power to minimize the demand charge.
    3. Rapid data collection allows optimized response to virtually any power demand event.
  3. Add-on Value by Combining ICE Demand Slasher with ICE Dynamic Power
    1. ICE Demand Slasher can coordinate with ICE Dynamic Power to migrate workloads to other locations when long term power demand events warrant additional management schemes. 

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