Steve Houck

Chief Executive Officer

Steve has a passion for computing and has been at the forefront of some of the largest transitions of our time. His 25 years of executive experience has been primarily in disruptive technology companies where his vision and business acumen have created significant market disruption and transformation. These disruptions have altered the course of technology and the economic fundamentals leading directly to the advent of today’s cloud and hyperscale technologies and markets. At it again, Steve is leading the team and company that is defining the most significant change to power distribution in the data center in decades – Software Defined Power. Prior to his role as CEO of VPS, Steve was the Chief Operating Officer at DataCore, the company that created the category for Software Defined Storage. Earlier, Steve was at the forefront of another market/technology transition while at VMware where he was the Vice President and General Manager of Latin America, prior to which he was the Vice President of Worldwide Channels.

"I get pumped up by changing the world around me, creating value, and doing it with people that are smart and care about disturbing the normality of the world. Which is exactly why I am excited to be leading the valued employees at VPS."

– Steve Houck